is a co-branding partnership managed by four different Sicilian inbound tour operators who have been operating in the travel industry for a long time.

When four companies work together – like us – their partnership will attract a reputation among customers and other stakeholders.

By giving due consideration, leaders can improve the way partnerships are perceived by others, increasing their success. In today’s world of networking, business-to-business (B2B) intercompany partnerships are increasingly common.

At the same time, corporate reputation has been strongly identified as a key factor in business success. But reputation has been viewed primarily from the perspective of a single organization and how its stakeholders perceive it.

This is surprising given that partnerships are found in so many areas of life, including business, sports, art and media.

Why not manage a partnership for tourism services? So, at this stage we found a business-to-consumer B2C series of years of friendship and business between 4 different B2B companies.


All of us with the same goal: customer satisfaction! The key to success.